Stone Brewing’s Tilapia Ceviche


I recently went to Stone Brewing World Bistro and Garden in the newly redesigned Liberty Station by the water in San Diego for lunch. I wanted something light on this hot summer day so I ordered their Tilapia Ceviche without the chips and was delightfully surprised to find a delicious and filling meal. I told the waitress I wish I could have the recipe and, lucky me, she wrote it down and gave it to me. Below is the recipe and the picture above is how it looks after I made it at home.


Stone Brewing’s Tilapia Ceviche

Diced raw tilapia

Diced tomato

Chopped cilantro

Diced tomato (I removed the seeds)

Diced jicama

Lemon and lime juice

Salt and pepper


Toss all ingredients together and let rest chilled for 3-4 hours.


Here’s a link to Stone’s website:  You have to enter your month and year of your birth to get onto the site, which is weird, but you can just make something up to log in. It’s a beautiful restaurant and the outside gardens remind me of dining in Hawaii with all the lush greenery.


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