A low-carb alternative to flour tortillas?

Paleo Wraps

Flour tortillas are carb-loaded and high calorie so I thought I’d try these low carbohydrate Paleo wraps. They are only 70 calories and 4 net carbs. To compare, Mission Foods flour tortillas are 146 calories and 25 grams of carbs. These Paleo wraps feel and taste like stiff paper. They’re very expensive at $1.14 each. I tried eating it raw (blah), microwaving it (no difference) and toasting it in the oven (it turned into black toxic cardboard). Don’t waste your money on these. I haven’t found anything remotely as tasty as flour tortillas yet, but if you want to wrap your food in something low carb and low-calorie, lettuce leaves are still the best bet.


4 Comments on “A low-carb alternative to flour tortillas?”

  1. Have you tried Lavosh wraps? I don’t know the calories and I think they might also come in whole wheat. They are dairy free also. I brush some oil on the wrap, some garlic powder, and then put it in the oven just to slightly toast. They are delicious.


    • Yes, lavash is delish, but it’s also whole wheat and has a lot of carbs, depending on whether you use the whole or half sheet. I toast mine in the oven too.


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