Hypothyroidism mineral treatment

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If you have hypothyroidism, a goiter, or unexplained weight gain or fatigue, the cause may be due to low iodine. One imbalance can throw your whole system out of whack. Crazy, isn’t it? What’s the fix? Food. You can add iodized salt to meals, eat fish, eggs, yogurt, enriched bread, and drink low-fat dairy milk (if you’re not allergic) (1).

I use sea salt which tastes better than standard salt and doesn’t contain iodine. I also don’t eat bread too often and I don’t consume any dairy products. I do eat fish though. I could be one of those folks who are deficient in iodine, but the “the problem is, iodine deficiency is really tough to detect.” Says Elizabeth Large ND, of Gordon Medial Associated in Santa Rosa, California.” There’s no direct test for it and often symptoms aren’t noticeable” (1). Ugh! At least your doctor can order tests to see how your thyroid is functioning. If your thyroid tests indicate an issue, you can add these foods or supplement with potassium iodine before resorting to medicine or other potentially dangerous conventional treatments.

  1. Source: July 2014 issue, Delicious Living Magazine

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