Are you an unhealthy vegetarian?

beet and feta salad

Vegetarians are touted as having the best health but just because they avoid meat doesn’t guarantee they are any healthier than meat-eaters. We went out to dinner with friends and the vegetarian in our group told us he doesn’t like and rarely eats vegetables. A vegetarian that doesn’t like/eat veggies?! He also doesn’t eat salads. What?!! He said he eats lots of veggie burgers and tofu. He also admitted to having high cholesterol, most likely from all the high-fat dairy.

From the menu at the restaurant he ordered pasta alfredo so it was no surprise he ended up with a stomachache with a plate full of wheat, fat and salt. My grilled chicken with steamed spinach and asparagus was definitely the healthier option.

If you want to be healthy, eat lots of vegetables and salad, and cut back on dairy. If you don’t like veggies or salads, eat them anyway!

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