Is your weight-gain preventing you from dating?

Some people are under the misguided impression that their size is the reason why the opposite gender doesn’t seem interested in them. Women try to get rail-thin and go to extremes like getting breast implants thinking that will help to get dates, but this is rarely the case. You don’t need to be picture-perfect to find love.

The reasons these men and women aren’t in relationships is because of their unlikable personalities. No one wants to be around someone who is insecure, cheap, complains, talks about themselves incessantly, has nothing to add to a conversation, or doesn’t listen. If you want someone to like you, do fun things, be positive, read various genres, volunteer, ask other people questions about themselves and really listen to what they say. Looking good is great but it’s what’s inside is what makes a person attractive.

Video: No one likes a brat!

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