Woman…stop nagging me! How to get him to lose weight


So you want your man to lose pounds; he would be so much sexier if he lost weight, but when you mention it, all he hears is “nag, nag, nag” and all the while he’s thinking “ shut-up woman!”

Here’s what not to do:

Don’t keep asking him if he’s gained or lost weight; he’s not going to tell you anyway

Stop telling him to lose weight, he already knows you want his body to look like Usher, Zack Efron or Joe Manganiello (and he thinks you’re stupid for wishing this)

Stop pressuring him to eat better and drink less; he’s a grown man and doesn’t like to be told what to do

Don’t tell him what he can and cannot buy at the grocery store; he’s going to spend his money on what he wants

Don’t even attempt to take away his snacks; he will turn into that dog and bite you

What to do:

Make healthy meals that he’ll like and that fill him up

Congratulate him on every achievement, no matter how small you may perceive it

Lead by example (if you don’t look good or eat well, why should he?)

Plan active activities for the two of you, or with him and the kids (bike riding, walking)

Love him for who he is now, after all, you want him to like you for more than your exterior

Photo: Belle, don’t make Dexter mad!

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