Why grueling workouts don’t result in weight-loss

If you’re working really hard in the gym, eating clean, and consuming the right amount of calories, but cannot seem to lose any fat, the problem may be that those grueling workouts are just too much for your body to handle. My previous trainer kicked my butt in every training session, my heart-rate frequently souring over 170, but I just couldn’t seem to lose any weight.

After a few weeks with a new trainer the pounds came off even though the workouts were easier. With my new trainer, my heart rate hardly ever shot above 155, except for the occasional times he had me do sprints. I was eating exactly the same and I wasn’t pushing him out the door to get rid of him, yet my body was clearly toning up and slimming down. What gives? Those crazy workouts were too stressful on my body and my system was producing extra cortisol which holds onto fat. Sometimes, bringing the intensity down a notch is all you need. I want to work smarter in the gym, not harder!

Photo: trainer Nate Ross shows how to do high-intensity split lunge jumps

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