Is the skinny fad IN or OUT?

bootcamp ab twists with risers

We see too many skinny female actresses and models so lots of women think they need to be skinny too. A friend of mine lost 40 pounds and looked good at first glance. I asked how she did it. She admitted that she doesn’t exercise and starves herself so she can still eat the junk food she loves. When we sat down for lunch, (I ate, she didn’t) I was saddened to see her shoulders slumped forward and her back curved. If we don’t strengthen our back and abdominal muscles, and stretch for flexibility, our posture declines, resulting in a hunched over, aging, frail look. Both a healthy weight and exercise is crucial to keep us looking young and vibrant.

Carol Alt, a skinny model with pencilthin arms and legs cannot do a single push-up. While her arms are thin, they have no shape, the loose skin moves as she does. Weights tighten up skin and firm muscles. Grab some weights Carol!

Most men don’t like skinny; they prefer curves. Skinny is not only a stupid fad, it’s unhealthy and unattractive. Aim for fit and you’ll be rewarded with good health and a lean physique to boot.

Photo: folks at our recent boot camp doing abdominal twists with risers

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