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Several of the investors on the TV show “Shark Tank” doubted the cowboy touting his successful weight loss program could actually work. The claim is that with his workout system, heart-rate monitor and tutorials, a person can lose 12 inches of body fat in just 12 workouts…any workouts. He later explains that the 12 inches are not in one area, but all over the body, which is typical when anyone loses weight (you lose all over because you cannot spot reduce). Twelve inches of body fat sounds like a lot, but it’s really not that much if a person needs to lose a lot of weight. For instance, you can lose twelve pounds by losing one inch on each arm, one inch from each leg, two inches from the derriere , one inch on each side of the hip, two inches from the back, one inch from the waist, and one each from the lower abs.

His program is “special” because with his Timex heart rate monitor ($69) and tutorials, videos, recipes (aka diet) you can learn how to burn fat by keeping your workouts in the “Fit Zone.” That’s a term he coined, which I’m assuming is a person’s target heart rate zone.

Forget about his silly nonsense and buy whatever heart rate monitor you want. Once you plug in your stats into any good heart rate monitor, it will tell you what range you should aim for during exercise. If you don’t exercise and start exercising three times a week with an intensity in a range that keeps your heart rate up but without overdoing it, and eat more homemade meals, you’ll lose weight; you don’t need an obnoxious cowboy’s silly video or products. Don’t be a sucker like wealthy entrepreneur Daymond John who shelled out money for this scheme…you don’t need it.

You can check out Cowboy Ryan’s website for a good laugh: http://www.lose12inches.com/

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