Why you need a fitness trainer

assisted pull-ups

People sometimes ask me why I have a fitness trainer and spend all that money when I can just work out at home with the equipment I already have.

Unless you’re fit as a fiddle, these are the reasons why you too need a personal fitness trainer:

  1. Faster results. Not only will you get faster results, but these experts have the tools to get you over that plateau. I can lift heavier weights with a trainer to assist in those last few reps that make all the difference.
  2. Accountability. You paid good money for those sessions and made set appointments so you’re likely to keep them and you’re less likely to slack off or avoid exercising altogether
  3. Safety/form. You may think you’re doing an exercise correctly, but without correct form, you will not get the results you want and you can get injured. Also, a trainer is there to spot you so if something goes wrong; he’ll be there to grab that weight or prevent you from smashing your face. I was doing one-legged lunges while holding weights, with one foot on the TRX and lost my balance but my trainer caught me.
  4. Motivation. A good trainer will motivate you to keep going and praise your hard work. I can’t get myself to work that hard on my own. Even trainers work out with their fellow co-workers who train for a living, not only to get a spotter, but because they need that extra push too.
  5. Expertise. Certified fitness trainers are experts; it’s their job! Athletes have coaches. A coach tells the athlete what to do to improve, thus training them. I want to be trained by someone who knows how to get over hurdles, give great fitness advice, and cuts through the garbage…that’s why I happily pay for training.

Photo: NASM certified trainer Robert North is there to assist me with pull-ups when needed.

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