To snack or not to snack?

sushi platter

A snack is typically something small, quick to grab and eat, tasty, low in protein and nutrients and high in sugar. We should limit these snacks to once a week, but the “…Hartman Group, a market research firm found in a 2013 survey that 90% of consumers snack multiple times daily” and “about half of Americans replace meals with snacks at least three to four times a week” so it’s no wonder that many people need supplements and are overweight (1).

Snacks like cupcakes were “once a rare treat associated with special events such as fairs or birthday parties…,” but nowadays people snack on chips, crackers, pretzels, and cookies not just at gatherings, but on a daily basis (1).

And that donut, waffle, or French toast with butter and maple syrup is not breakfast, that’s a dessert. For good grab-and-go food, try nuts, string-cheese, Greek yogurt, celery with almond butter made the night before, or toss some fruit in a blender with nut milk, protein powder and a few ice cubes. Make it your resolution to cut back on junk snack foods, even better, replace snacks with mini meals for a leaner, healthier and more vibrant you.

1. Source: Article “The snackification of everything” by Daniel Akst, from the Los Angeles Times newspaper OP-ED section, printed Sunday December 21, Section A27

Photo: Sushi…a good meal or a snack!

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