Are you doing Paleo all wrong?

Paleo dish

I classify how I eat as Paleo with grains, but some people think of the Paleo diet as one with massive amounts of meat paired with salads. There are plenty of Paleo recipes with high-fat meats dressed with bacon and the only vegetables are diced tomatoes and onions. The really unhealthy Paleo recipes ask for butter, bacon fat, too much coconut oil and/or require frying.

The right way to eat on a Paleo diet is to consume various lean proteins with lots of vegetables: some low-glycemic like broccoli and cauliflower, and some high in carbs like sweet potatoes. In order to get enough protein without eating large portions of meat/fish/poultry, I do eat grains like quinoa and oats which also contain carbohydrates that help satisfy hunger and provide an energy boost; that’s Paleo done right.

Photo: A Paleo dish with sautéed peppers and red onions over lettuce and topped with marinated stir-fried steak

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