Free cardio workouts on TV


Right now there are no-charge 25 minute early morning cardio exercises on NBC called Radius, but they probably won’t be on much longer. I’ve been recording them and just play the shows when I have time. The workouts are taught by different instructors, are unique and actually…fun! The cardiovascular workouts are high-intensity and not meant for the beginner. Today they had a yoga workout which was a nice change. The downside is that there doesn’t appear to be that many videos since the same ones run every week. For instance, there are two different workouts per day, but in the past two and half weeks, there have been only 11 different 25-minute workouts. It appears that Radius just wants to give us a taste of the exercises so we’ll sign up for their app so take advantage of the free ones on TV now.

To learn more about the workouts, go to

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