How to choose the right meals for maximum nutrients and a lean physique

Paleo butternut squash with ground pork

People frequently ask me what to eat that’s healthy to lose weight, but not everyone can eat the same foods or portions so I’m sharing what I do, and you can customize your meals to fit your lifestyle and goals.

Every Saturday morning I pick all my dairy-free nutritious recipes for the week, which not only include dinners, but lunches too (my breakfasts are protein-enriched fruit smoothies and/or left-over dinners). I have to admit that only choosing dairy-free, low-fat, lower-calorie meals can be frustrating, but I don’t have to count calories anymore or succumb to super tiny portions (yeah!). I also chose meals that are high in low-starch veggies, low in added oils (no more than 1T per serving), that don’t include pasta or bread. The other equally important requirement is that the meals must look yummy and taste delicious.

Another trick I practice is putting my food on small plates, never eating until I’m full (okay, not never, but not too often!), and waiting an hour for seconds (usually!).

If you put these tips into practice, (plan your meals in advance, limit dairy, pasta, and bread; eat more green veggies and go easy on oils and fats), you’ll never feel deprived, be energized, and have a fabulous physique to boot!

Photo: butternut squash with pork Paleo dinner

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