Why you may decide to stop eating fish

fish dinner

I stay away from farmed fish since those fish swim in cramped dirty waters. We know our oceans aren’t pristine: sewage and oil spills, chemicals illegally dumped…but I didn’t know that trash is another reason wild fish contain toxins.

The plastic trash in massive gyres swirling in our oceans are broken down, but are never completely dissolved (1). Fish eat these small particles of plastic so when we eat fish we’re also eating trash (1). Some people won’t eat fish at all anymore after this revelation.

Even with this upsetting information, I’ll continue eating wild fish one-to-two times a week, with hope that my fish were picky. If you eat fish, just make sure it’s not your sole source of protein and try to limit your use of plastics, even if it just means bringing reusable bags each time to the grocery store. Even though tuna is a packed source of protein, it contains a decent amount of mercury so limit tuna fish to once a week.

  1. Source: Morgan Spurlock’s television show aired on CNN: Inside Man, titled, “Where does our garbage go?” http://www.cnn.com/videos/tv/2015/02/24/spurlock-inside-man-garbage-orig.cnn

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