Body Beast Exercise DVD review

Body Beast Videos

Body Beast is a bodybuilding exercise DVD set by the popular Beachbody brand. The workouts are hard, if you choose the right weights. I’m sure people will get good results from consistently following these DVDs but there are so many sets that it gets boring and cumbersome; the other thing I don’t like is that there is so much changing of the weights, and if you’re not quick (which I’m not), you’re going to either miss some of the reps or you’re going to have to stop and rewind the DVD (what a drag). The fast pace makes it really hard to lift heavy weights with proper form, and some of the movements are awkward (like the one where you’re in a split stance with a weighted bar between your legs).

There’s only one cardio workout and no separate stretching or yoga section, which would have made the system more complete.

Sagi Kalev, the coach on these videos a buff guy who’s so huge he’s got to be on steroids (he’s actually TOO BIG). He’s also difficult to understand with his thick accent. He’s tries to be cheeky, but it comes out as cheesy. I recommend the original P90X if your goal is to add muscle and enjoy the workouts.

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