Should you drink milk?

Toasted Coconut blend by Califia

If you’ve ever wondered if you should drink milk or why milk is not in clear containers“…Light easily destroys riboflavin – which is why milk, a food high in riboflavin, is packaged in opaque containers” (1). But don’t think you have to drink dairy milk, which is a high fat, high sugar (it has naturally occurring lactose, which causes stomach upset in a lot of people) substance meant for babies.

Low-fat milk is basically just sugar water and should be avoided. If you eat dairy products, you can skip the milk altogether, and if you avoid dairy like I do, just take a daily calcium supplement.

Photo: Some great dairy-free milks are coconut almond milk and hazelnut


  1. Sport Nutrition for Healthy and Performance, 2nd edition by Manore, Meyer and Thompson. pg. 288

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