Detox Done Right

mashed cauliflower potatoes

The liver does a great job in detoxifying but that doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to aid in the process. We don’t needs fasts, juice cleanses, pills or extreme diets to detoxify effectively. These steps should do the trick:

  1. Drink double-filtered water. I buy filtered water and pour it into my Zero water filter container to remove contaminants
  2. Eat organic 95% of the time
  3. store your food in glass or ceramic containers (not plastic)
  4. don’t eat anything with MSG or sulfur dioxide
  5. don’t use products with parabens
  6. limit sugar, alcohol, processed and restaurant meals to once a week
  7. eat a vegetable, fruit or greens with every meal (not powders!)
  8. instead of grilling or microwaving, steam, stir-fry, bake or use the crockpot
  9. don’t cover your food in plastic or Saran wrap
  10. don’t wear cologne or perfume which have lots of chemicals

By cleaning up your diet and the products you use, you may find you not only have more energy, but you may get rid of the toxic fat you’ve been trying to shed.

Photo: boiled and pureed cauliflower with salt, pepper, garlic and spices

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