How dangerous are exercise bands?

broken exercise band

I hate exercise bands for two reasons, they scare me and they’re stinky. Most exercise bands have a strong toxic plastic smell that makes me want to fling them across the room. The pink cheap one that goes around my ankles, twists and rolls up my leg, cutting into my skin like a thin frayed rope. My fear of exercise bands are not unfounded because they not only contain toxins (hence the smell), but they snap and break.

United States Senator and former boxer Harry Reid’s exercise band snapped, sending him reeling into his cabinet at home where he broke bones in his face and ended up with multiple surgeries on his right eye. Accidents happen to anyone doing the most mundane things. I’ve clocked myself in the brow when tossing the telephone towards my ear (my aim was a bit off), stabbed myself in the nose with a straw, and fell backwards down the stairs because I was too tired that day to lean forward. Sometimes I wonder if I should design a red t-shirt that says, “Accident waiting to happen.”

Last week I broke my exercise band (see photo). I’m going to stick with cables, take my time answering the phone, stop using straws, and remind myself to hold the railing when going up and down stairs at night when my energy is zapped.



See how bad he looks:

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