Tips from a germaphobe

hand sanitizing wipes

I don’t buy into the premise that the more germs you are exposed to, the stronger your immune system will be. Whenever an ill co-worker came to the office, we’d all get that person’s cold or flu. When my friend who is a dental hygienist adjusted a little girl’s braces, she caught the mumps (and, yes, she wore gloves). Certain germs can make us sick and even kill us so I try my best to avoid them even if it makes me look weird. Here’s my tips:

  1. As much as I cringe at shaking someone’s hand because of the germs they may be carrying, I still do it, but I keep a mental note not to touch my face, and to remember to wash my hands with soap and water the first chance I get.
  2. I clean my cell phone several times a week with a new antibacterial cloth (see above photo) since cell phones are known to carry as much bacteria as a toilet seat (and you put the phone to your face!).
  3. I hold my breath when walking by a smoker
  4. I go to full-service gas stations to avoid touching the pump
  5. I wait for other people to get into the elevator and then ask someone to press the button for the floor I want
  6. I wash my hands BEFORE and after using the restroom
  7. I kick doors open with my foot, or if there’s a handle, I use my shirt sleeve to press the handle down and then use my knee to push the door open (this takes some coordination).
  8. I make my family, friends and my personal fitness trainers take off their shoes upon entering my home.
  9. I wash fruits and vegetables with soap and water before slicing them.
  10. I ask my chiropractor to use hand sanitizer in front of me before allowing him to touch me.

Am I bit neurotic about germs, maybe, but I’m hardly ever sick.

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