why women gain weight as they age

Christopher Pitching

Most people gain weight as they age because they are not outdoors running around like they were back in grade school. Maybe it’s the extra food, the beer or the wine with dinner (maybe that’s why most kids are skinny, they don’t drink alcoholic drinks!). The reason women gain weight may not be any of the reasons above, it could be of no fault of their own. If estrogen and progesterone are stopped or slowed, the resting metabolic rate decreases by 71 calories per day (1). To prevent weight gain, post-menopausal woman should eat 71 fewer calories each day (1). It’s not fair, but to counteract this, try reducing the portion of one of your meals each day.


  1. Sport Nutrition for Healthy and Performance, 2nd edition by Manore, Meyer and Thompson. Pg. 146-147

Photo: Dan’s son Christopher pitching

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