Pig out to bulk up? Think again

If you want to pack on muscle, you may be misguided into thinking that you’re going to have to eat a ton more calories as soon as you start lifting. It’s true that if you are underweight, or if you’re already very lean, you will need to up your calorie intake, but add calories slowly. It takes a long time to build mass so if you pack on the calories, you’re going to add layers of fat that’s hiding that muscle you’re working so hard to obtain. The men I know that eat and burn 5000 calories a day is a tri-athlete, a runner who also teaches boxing, and fitness trainers that move around all day and lift in between clients.

Video: Scott Poupard sent me this short video of him bench pressing 305 pounds at his gym in Royal Oak, Michigan (USA). The single rep, his trainer slapping him on the stomach, and Scott’s loud clap in the end made me laugh, and I had to share.

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