“The Every Other Day Diet” review


A diet where you limit calories to 500 every other day has shown to promote fat loss (1). The downside…you’re only eating 500 calories and you’re supposed to sustain this for life!

In addition to being cranky, starving, and resorting to filling up your stomach with excessive amounts of water, expect to lose 10% of muscle (1). I don’t want any part of a diet if I’m losing muscle. I want to build muscle. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.

If you’re looking for a diet that works, go Paleo, but eat only lean meats (yep, that means skipping the bacon). Amp up your results by picking up weights. Those fives are not your workout, they’re the warm-up.

  1. Source: Prevention magazine, August 2015 issue pages 136-143, article titled “Fast and Lose. This diet will…drop pounds, sharpen your brain, extend your life…and it’s proven to work. The only question left is-do you actually want to do it?” by Ginny Graves

Photo: Steak is Paleo, but don’t forget the veggies!

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