Another reason not to do fasted exercise, it could make you fatter

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A lot of people do fasted exercise (when work out 1st thing in the morning without eating), but studies have shown that extra calories burned by this method is minimal, and you’d probably burn a lot more calories if you ate beforehand because you could work out harder and longer. Since the goal of fasted exercise is to shed more fat, it may be detrimental to your goals since “Exercising in a fasted state will only make you feel hungrier.”

You don’t need a lot of calories pre-workout. A 200-300 calorie fruit smoothie gives me all the energy I need for a hard 1 hour cardio or weight-lifting workout. I prefer my fruit smoothies because they’re quick to make and are hydrating. “If you feel hungry, you might actually be thirsty.” So, drink, eat and workout!

  1. Source: ACE Article titled: “Why am I always hungry after a workout?” Dated July 20, 2015

photo: one of our boot camps

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