new study says to cut fat, not carbs


We’ve all heard by now that to lose weight we need to cut back on carbs. If a low-carb diet isn’t working for you, try a low-fat diet. A small study produced findings that the low-carb diet reduced metabolism (that’s really bad because you’re burning fewer calories), and the low-fat diet kept the metabolism going at a steady-state, and burned more fat (1). The theory “…if you cut carbs and reduce insulin, it should have some sort of metabolic advantage.  This study shows definitively that this is not the case” (1).

I’m stoked on this new news because I love carbs, especially fruit and sweet potato fries! To try this diet, reduce total daily calories (duh!) and fat.

Photo: This breakfast looks tiny, healthy and low calorie but restaurants use a lot more butter or oil than you think. Try to eat out as infrequently as possible. 

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