You look awesome, so it doesn’t matter, or does it?


Some people are just genetically gifted and can eat burgers and ice cream and still have a chiseled physique as long as they consistently work out and don’t go over their calorie limit. These folks might look good, but they don’t have enough energy because they are not getting enough nutrients from a variety of vegetables (which is why they need Metamucil to poop, steroids to cut and bulk, and uppers to stay awake).

Vegetables remove estrogen so you can get stronger and they keep us healthy so we can fight cancer. Just because you’re getting all your macros doesn’t mean you’re at the top of your game. A healthy, varied diet with vegetables and fruit is what will keep you energized, and looking amazing right now, and years to come.

Photo: These are just some the fruits and veggies I’m eating for the week, all organic (of course!).

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