3 must-have weight loss kitchen tools

measuring tools

When it comes to losing weight, portion sizes are key. To figure out how much you should eat of any one item, it’s as simple as reading the serving size on the box. Two ounces of dry pasta is 200 calories, so I just use my scale before I drop it in the boiling water. I also use the scale to weight my proteins, like chicken breast and fish, so that I eat adequate protein, of 3 ounces with each of my 6 meals, which equates to about 20 grams of protein per dish.

I use my ½ measuring cup for cooked quinoa and other grains like rice and dry oats, all which come out to about 160 calories; and I use my teaspoons and tablespoon to measure out protein powder and to make sure I’m not overdoing it on the oils and nut butters.

It’s not a cumbersome process and takes only a few seconds to weigh and scoop food. With these simple, inexpensive tools, I not only prevent eating too much, I lost a few pounds.

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