Carb Cycling – Should you do it?

sweet potato fries

When you want to get really lean, go for carb cycling, which varies the amount of carbohydrates, from low or no carbs, to high carbs, to shock your body. I tried this and lost 2 pounds in one week and was stoked on how tight my abs looked, but gained the weight right back the following week. I continued the plan for a 3rd week, but didn’t see any improvements so I asked fitness trainer Bobby Cox, what the deal was. He said not to do carb cycling more than 2 weeks because it lowers your metabolism and wrote, “All carb cutting really helps with is dropping excess water weight (carbs attract water), and lowering your glycogen stores, which if stores are negative will put you in a catabolic state due the process of gluconeogenesis.”

I’m happier eating carbs anyway. The days of no or low carbs, I had very little energy. I’m sticking to Bobby’s advice of eating 30 grams of carbs with each meal and am getting leaner, while keeping my sanity.

Photo: homemade baked sweet potato fries.

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