I’m not special and neither are you

boot camp

Why do you think that you’re so special that you can’t lose weight? You can! I thought I was special too until my trainer proved me wrong. I used to explain that I’m short so I cannot burn as many calories; I’m diabetic so the insulin is preventing the fat from melting away; I have a small frame so I cannot gain enough muscle to burn the extra calories to be lean enough. When I stopped complaining and resisting, and, instead followed my trainers advice, I found a tinier me.

I’ve heard excuses from others like: I’m old, I’m busy; I don’t have the time; I have this or that injury…you get the idea. If you tell yourself you cannot do something, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Tell yourself instead: “I can do that!” Then get moving and cooking and you’ll see a happier and healthier you.

You’re not special; you’re like everyone else…you too can lose the extra pounds you hate.

Photo: 90 minute boot camp outside in 90 degree heat…almost barfed

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