Don’t take fat loss pills. Read why

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In today’s world of wanting everything right now, don’t be tempted to buy weight loss pills or products. They either don’t work, or do, and can cause serious harm. See below for some appalling facts:

 “The FTC has sent letters to various weight loss supplement makers requesting they discontinue claims about fantastic amounts of weight loss or misleading information about the scientific research behind specific weight loss claims (1)” Pg. 265.

Manufactures do not have to prove their claims unless asked. There are manufactures who claim their products have been tested, but no research was ever conducted. When they say the research was blind, it’s rarely true. Many testimonials are faked and their research is improperly referenced and/or based on rumors. Pg. 483-484

Don’t be tempted to buy fat loss pills; it’s not worth the risk.


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  2. ACE Fitness Nutrition Manual

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