The Non-Motivators, Keep Your Distance

steak salad

People seem to get a kick out of telling me what junk they ate. Maybe it’s because they like to see me grimace or to make me jealous. So you had six beers and two Jell-O shots. How’d you enjoy that hangover Sunday? My friend texted me that she ate ice cream, greasy Mexican food and margaritas. Bad work week or what? A fitness trainer asked me if I ever got up in the middle of the night to eat. I shared that I ate leftover roasted brussels sprouts. He boasted that he ate a roll of Oreo’s, laughed, and patted his flat abs. I wasn’t amused.

Folks like this derail your fat loss goals so limit your time with them. They want you to eat what they’re eating to justify their poor food choices. I sought out a new fitness trainer who motivates me to eat clean like he does.

Photo: Mexican salad with beef. Restaurants serve huge portions. This is enough for two!

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