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Getting the macros right: it’s not just about calories

flex that bicep

What difference does it make if I eat more fat on any given day as long as my total calories are just right? I want to eat more chocolate and peanut butter, so how about if I just eat less protein, or maybe omit grains in my next meal? I hear about MACROS, but does it really matter if my macronutrients (carbs, protein and fat) are in funky percentages? Maybe I want to be different!

Fitness coach Mike Vacanti explains it simply and perfectly: “The most calories are burned when we eat protein (20-35% of the calories we consume), second most when we eat carbohydrates…and the fewest when we eat fats.”  In addition, “…inadequate protein during a calorie deficit will cause you to lose muscle. Inadequate fat intake will negatively impact many of the hormones that help your continued weight loss. And inadequate carbohydrate intake can negatively impact training performance in many instances…we aren’t just interested in dropping weight. We want a good lookin’, athletic, healthy body. For that, counting calories ain’t enough” (1).

So, yeah, I’m counting my macros, reducing the peanut butter and cutting out the chocolate. It’s a drag but I have more energy since I’m eating more carbs and my fellow gym-goers are complimenting me on how toned I’m getting.

Photo: Me flexing

(1) Source: Blog post by Mike Vacanti, fitness coach: How to count your macros, a comprehensive guide.  &

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