Now you can find out what’s sabotaging your weight loss


If you can’t seem to shed extra fat and cannot figure out why, try utilizing an application that will log, not only your calories, but also your carbohydrates, fat, protein and fiber. After plugging in my meals into My Fitness Pal, I was shocked to learn that over 30% of my calories came from fat. Eating fat easily turns into fat.  All along I thought I was eating a low-fat diet, but when you’re consuming under 1700 calories a day, small amounts of fat really add up fast.

To keep my fat intake around 20%, I found that I need to limit my daily consumption to one yolk, 3 ounces of tri-tip steak, 2 teaspoons of nut butter (I eat almond or peanut butter), and dressing to 2 teaspoons. I also learned that ground turkey has more than double the fat than ground turkey breast, so I’m now cutting my ground turkey with ground chicken. With these tweaks, my fat intake is where I want it, and it’s preventing my calories from spilling over.



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