It’s all about the butt

Romanian dead lift

I was happy with my butt until my trainer looked at it and said, “It’s not bad, but we can improve it.” I was furious. I’ve never had any complaints before. Now I notice everyone’s butt, which ones need work and which ones are muscular.

I thought it was all about the boobs, but I guess that’s changed, and now it’s all about the butt. What’s attractive varies from person to person, and decade to decade. In the 60’s it was skinny Twiggy. In the 70’s and 80’s, it was a flat stomach and curves. In the 90’s it was oversized, exaggerated breasts. I’m hoping pale skin will be the next rage so I can toss the self-tanner. Trends come and go, so just flaunt your best assets. Maybe your figure will be the next ideal image.

Photo: Me doing Romanian deadlifts. This tightens, tones, and builds muscle in the hamstrings and glutes (butt).


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