The difference between bulking up and leaning out

KaseyWhenever I wanted to work with a new fitness trainer, they would ask me my goals. I told him or her that I wanted to increase muscle mass and get a tiny waist. They all explained that I can’t bulk and shrink body fat at the same time. Our bodies just aren’t designed to do both simultaneously.

After trying to bulk up after three years I told my trainer I wanted to lean out. I asked him what my new workouts would look like. He said, “They are going to be the same. I’m still going to make you lift heavy.” Bewildered, I asked, “So, how is my body going to know I want my body fat percentage in the teens?” He laughed and said, “You’re going to eat fewer calories, and do an extra 30 minutes of cardio on your own time.” Oh. If you want to bulk, you eat more than your body burns. If you want to show that six pack, you consume less than your body needs so that you’re in a caloric deficit. Seems simple…wish it were!

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Photo: Personal Fitness Trainer, Kasey Housmans


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