The reason you will fail to get fit


Lots of people whose resolution is to work out usually drag themselves to the gym by the third week in January. They start hard, lift heavy, and by March, they end up injured, or in pain, and in the doctor’s office. The doctor asks what you’re doing differently. You went to the gym.  So, the doc says to stop doing what caused the injury. So you stop going to the gym. When you’re healed, you get back to the gym, and the pain comes back 10-fold. So, you stop working out.

The scenario above is incredibly common, but let’s not make it your story. To prevent this situation, spend the extra money on a certified personal trainer. This person will teach you how to do the exercises correctly with the appropriate amount of weight and reps so you don’t end up with a tear or a pulled muscle. You’ll also get the benefit of someone to motivate you and help you reach your fitness and fat-loss goals for 2016.


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