Easy Weight-Loss Fix

roasted potatoes

Everyone wants an easy way to lose body fat and this just might be what you’ve been waiting for. Resistant starches act like fiber, in that they have zero calories, fill you up, and aid in weight loss. To boost resistant starches in potatoes, pasta, oatmeal, and white rice, all that’s needed is to wait until it cools after it’s cooked before you eat it (1) pg. 95. “According to one ground-breaking study, allowing rice to cool can slash its calorie content by as much as 50%” (1) Pg. 95.

I don’t like cold rice, oatmeal, or potatoes, and I don’t east pasta so another option is to add non-GMO potato starch or corn starch to your diet. Replace 1/3 cup flour with corn starch in baked meals, or add 1 TBSP of corn starch or unmodified potato starch into your smoothie, but this might ruin the flavor and texture of your drink (1) pg. 97. You can also eat cold, cooked white beans, black beans, peas and lentils. If you adhere to a paleo diet, don’t worry, one ounce of cashews works too, just don’t overindulge (pg. 95).

Scientists are stating that these carbs eaten this way can burn fat better and that it burns fat instead of carbs and shrinks fat cells (pg. 95 & 96). Now that’s COOL!

(1) Source: Prevention Magazine, March 2016 issue, article titled, Meet the New Fat-Burning Starch, pages 92-101

Photo: roasted potatoes with onions and red bell peppers


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