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fattening foods

fattening foods

A television show called “Fit to Fat to Fit” is about fit and lean personal trainers who gain a massive amount weight after meeting a new client in order to lose the weight together. The trainer has to gain a percentage of his or her body weight in just 4 months. Some trainers gained as much as 60 pounds. We see how much a fit person’s body reacts to the new, unhealthy diet after just one meal. He or she throws up or feels nauseous, and is no longer happy and energetic, but grumpy and tired. The ripped physique is turned to one with extra hair, acne and fat rolls. These trainers are not only forced to eat more, they are not allowed to exercise during the weight gain phase. After the 4 month period is over, the trainer meets with his or her client, and they both exercise and lose weight together.

The trainers are all surprised at how weak their bodies have become in such a short period of time, and how tough it is to lose weight they gained. What I like about this television show is that it teaches that weight loss is doable, regardless of age or size, but also that it’s hard work and expect to cry and sweat. When the people weren’t losing weight, they were forced to take a closer look at what they were eating, and had to face reality that they couldn’t eat the same portions any more. One man lost over 100 pounds in 16 weeks so that’s proof that you can lose an incredible amount of weight in an extremely short amount of time.

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