More water for weight loss? Yep!

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I’m always bugging my parents to drink more water. When they come over for a healthy homemade meal, I provide them eight ounces of water in glass. When they are finished eating, the glass is only half full. No matter how much I chastise or beg them, they won’t finish the small glass of water I served them.

If you don’t drink sufficient water, you won’t have “proper kidney function” because “dehydration impairs your kidneys, and when your kidneys aren’t working properly, your liver has to pick up the slack. Your liver is responsible for the metabolism of fat, which means fat cannot be metabolized as efficiently when your liver has to work twice as hard to remove toxins” (1).

Some people mistaken thirst for hunger so they are constantly dehydrated. Aim for a minimum of 64 ounces of water each and every day. While drinking more water may not be on your wish list, weight loss probably is. It’s amazing that drinking water can flatten out your abs better than sit-ups, but it’s true.

Photo: Zero-calorie tea is great for hydrations too!

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  1. Someone recently told me that if you don’t keep hydrated you can get Atrial Fibulation. (sp.?) I wonder if that’s true.

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