why you can’t lose weight or build muscle

cat napI’ve heard people brag that they sleep only five hours each night. If I don’t sleep at least seven hours, I just don’t feel well, which makes sense because “…sleep is when your body is fully recovering and rebuilding” (1). My gym workouts are intense so I need all the recovery I can get before I attack the next workout. What’s surprising is that the human body builds muscle when asleep, uses the protein you ate, and releases growth hormone to repair muscle tissue (1).

Maybe you don’t sleep well, but don’t pop sleeping pills because they fail to take you into a deep sleep, which is when all this magic occurs. If you want to lose weight, increase muscle, feel better, and have more energy…get your zzzz’s (1).

  1. Source: The San Diego-Union Tribune newspaper article titled “Deep Sleep Could be Missing Link to Body Recovery Strength.” Written by Gabriella Boston. Published 3/8/16, section E5


Photo: Nothing wrong with taking a cat nap

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  1. OMG I have to get 7 hours as well. Sleep is so important to me which is why after I graduated college I bought a super nice bed. …perhaps I should’ve had that bed in college but it’s all good haha.

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