Which diet is superior? (My Diet is Better than Yours ABC video series review)

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Is one diet superior to another? That’s what an 8-episode TV show was trying to find out. The two diets that failed early on were The Wellness Smackdown, a vegan diet, and the Clean Momma Plan.

One of the reasons The Wellness Smackdown, a vegan diet, and the Clean Momma Plan bombed, in regards to weight loss, is those two coaches didn’t make their clients do consistent intense exercise for a set period of time, like the other trainers with different diet plans. It wasn’t necessarily the diets that were ineffective because when a person is very overweight and was previously inactive, exercise can burn a lot of calories, if consistent. Consistent means exercising rigorously everyday for at least an hour.

The contestant’s vegan coach served her veggie burgers complete with nut cheese, bun and sweet potato fries, and desserts made with nuts and dates, which are high-calorie ingredients. The vegan coach didn’t seem concerned about calories or portion size so it’s no surprise The Wellness Smackdown didn’t result in weight loss success.

The Clean Momma diet coach didn’t explain her diet in enough detail so her client became frustrated and fired her. If someone doesn’t complete the program, it’s going to fail!

This TV series is fun to watch and also shows that losing weight is hard work, and exercise that makes you out of breath, with a program you like, is what will bring you success.

What’s notable is that the two individuals who lost the highest body-fat percentages were the ones with the best attitude, gave it their all, and never gave up.

What that program didn’t tell you is that there is an ideal diet: it’s a oil-free, low-salt, low-fat, plant-based, vegan diet with 10% fat and about 10% protein. The reason why this zero animal, plant-based diet works best for weight loss and overall heath is that it’s comprised of whole foods, complete with all necessary vitamins and minerals the body needs for repair and maintenance. It’s also an easier diet to live on because carbs like fruit satisfy the craving for candy, and hearty potatoes are filling.

You can watch the shows here: http://abc.go.com/shows/my-diet-is-better-than-yours/episode-guide

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