A disturbing trend in the quest to lose weight

SunWarrior Protein PowderI know of fitness trainers who have bodies like Barbie and Ken, and offer diet plans to their clients. These clients assume that they will have the body of their trainer if they just follow his or her plan and train with them. The problem is that a lot of these trainers have no formal education on nutrition and offer clients the same diet plan, which are monotonous, inadequate and too low in calories.

One female was put on a mere 800 calories a day, had trouble sleeping and concentrating, and her body started looking bloated. I explained that because she is literally starving herself, her body is holding onto fat to survive. She told her trainer that his diet is not working, but he told her to stay on it a bit longer. I hear this again and again; the person trying to lose weight isn’t getting results and the trainer just says it takes time, or they blame the client that they aren’t trying, or the trainer lowers the daily calories.

The reason these trainers are not modifying the diet plan is because they don’t know what else to do. If something isn’t working, it must be changed. Active women shouldn’t go under 1600 calories a day, and men shouldn’t eat fewer than 1800 calories each day. Play around with carbs, protein and fat to see what seems to make you feel your best. What works for your trainer, may not work for you.

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Photo: A lot of people in the fitness industry put protein powder in many of their meals. It’s okay to add protein to a shake, but don’t make this your primary source of protein. Protein powders are hard for your body to break down and you should vary your protein choices every day.


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