The High-Five Diet is finally available!

The diet book that everyone’s been waiting for is finally available at   It took 3 years of research and writing because this is not your typical diet book. The High-Five Diet is a fat loss plan by limiting dairy and high-fat and low-nutrient foods, combined with specific food combination and timing which revs up your metabolism. With this system, you have control over how fast you want to lose body fat.

In addition, I share what fat-loss products and treatments work, and I show you how to use your weaknesses to your advantage so you can banish bad habits. The High-Five Diet is easy to follow and can meet everyone’s fitness and weight loss goals. Whether you are extremely overweight, just need to lose a few pounds, or want to clean up your eating habits, this book is your solution. To order, read a few pages of the book, and for additional information, go to


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