Who’s the exercise freak?

_L5A0571_Lightroom_Export_Full_Size_JPEG_300dpi_sRGBMy mom sent me a magazine article titled “Exercising to Excess: Fitness fanatics are wide to heed the notion that less is more.” Not a very subtle message is it? One person’s idea of excessive is another’s picture of ideal. According to researchers who published a paper, titled, “Who Benefits Most from the Cardioprotective Properties of Alcoholic Consumption-Health Freaks or Couch Potatoes,” their definition of a “heath freak” is anyone who exercises thirty minutes every day (1). That’s ludicrous because thirty minutes of exercise should be the minimum.

I weight-train four to five times a week for an hour, plus an additional thirty minutes of cardio. On Saturday, I’ll walk for an hour, and on Sundays I’ll practice yoga from 30 to 60 minutes. I heard of one woman who exercises at the gym, sometimes, for five hours….that’s excessive! My personal option is that everyone should be exercising 1 to 2 hours five days a week, and to take a week off every two to three months. One thing that I did forget, but remembered after reading the article mom sent, is that exercise does cause stress on the body so maybe I’ll cut back on the cardio this week (2).

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