The poison drink & the drink to counteract it

beach photoAlcohol is poison. People seem to forget this. Those that consume alcohol increase liver cancer and cirrhosis. Those at additional risk are women who have a drink daily, for example: a 5 ounce glass of wine, and men who have two drinks, such as a beer and one shot of liquor. I have several female friends who enjoy a glass of wine with dinner nightly.

Just like excess food, fat accumulates in the liver, which is why it’s called fatty liver disease. This is a big deal. If your liver fails, and you can’t get a transplant in time, you die. For some people, knowing that alcohol is preventing them from having a flat stomach and looking good in a bathing suit, is enough to cut back, for others, it’s having been through a medical crises to realize how vital good health is.

Still won’t reduce consumption? Drinking coffee, and the more the better, seems to have a protective effect on the liver. So, have more Joe, and less Jameson.

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Source: Greger, M.D., Michael. How Not to Die. Book. New York: Flatiron Books. 2015 pg. 142-155

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