Easy tips to reduce contagions

BBQ chickenPer the Mayo Clinic, a renowned non-profit medical research group, “The ten worst sources of contagion are our fingers.” Because of this, I cringe whenever people want to shake my hand. (I prefer the fist bump).

Another contagion is salmonella from feces on raw chicken due to how the chickens are killed. Even after people used proper handling instructions and using a bleach solution, there was still chicken feces on counters and cupboards. You could become a vegan, but, if that lifestyle doesn’t work for you, have everything ready (oven on, veggies prepared, sauce made, utensils at the ready, dish or pot out, use scissors meant for food that you can put in the dishwasher, don’t use a dishcloth, use disposable paper towels, don’t wash chicken – put in pot, bowl, or baking dish). And I also use disposable gloves when handling raw chicken.book cover front.jpg

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Source: Greger, M.D., Michael. How Not to Die. Book. New York: Flatiron Books. 2015 pg. 92-96

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