Cheating to be skinny


You may be tempted to cheat to lose weight fast because you’re impatient, and/or don’t want to cook your own meals and reduce calories. Taking fat-burning supplements is not only cheating, but also extremely risky. These types of pills contain Sibutramine, ephedra, phenolphthalein, which can cause seizures, heart attacks, strokes and death (pg. 52), and even Aegeline, which damages the liver (pg. 54).

A fat-burning product called OxyElite Pro was so toxic that ”…47 were hospitalized, three needed liver transplants, and…” one woman died. Even though OxyElite Pro is no longer on the shelves, there are harmful similar ones on-line and on store shelves today (pg. 55). You can’t gain muscle without weight-bearing exercises, just like you can’t lose body fat safely, without a sensible diet and modest activity.

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Source: “Bad Medicine.” Prevention Magazine. Aug. 2016, pp. 52-63.

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