Fat and starving…the new trend?

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I hope this is not the new trend, but I’ve heard from several people that they don’t know what to do about their friend, co-worker or client who is overweight and starving him or herself on purpose. When these overweight people initially started their weight loss journey, they dramatically cut their calories down to 800, and they started dropping weight fast, but then the weight loss stopped. In fear of gaining the weight back, they have kept on this starvation diet, even though they are not seeing any further results.

When you eat too few calories, your body holds onto that fat since there’s a famine, or so it seems. Your body burns a minimum of 1200 calories just through the normal process of living…processing your food, pumping your blood, digesting your food, etc. A woman should eat no less than 1600 calories, and a man, no less than 1700-1800 calories each day. Eating less than that will deprive you of nutrients and energy designed to keep you strong and well.

If you know someone that’s doing this unhealthy, obsessive, psychologically damaging starvation diet, or if this person is you, remember that doing the same thing without getting results just doesn’t make sense. You need to change something if it’s not working. I created The High-Five Diet to help everyone lose weight and be healthy, regardless of food restrictions, while explaining why certain diets and eating patterns fail. You can order your copy of my book at $14.95 for your friend as a gift, or for yourself from http://www.thehighfivediet.com

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