Lean = healthy?


I was under the illusion that people who look fit are healthy, but a lot of these gym rats only care about total calories, and their daily percentage of macros, meaning: carbs, protein and fats. They don’t care if their food is organic and contains pesticides, chemicals, GMOs, or sugar. They will consume any protein powder as long as it tastes good. They will use supplements they don’t need because a bodybuilder with awards and photos of himself is on display at the gym. They use cream with petroleum on their bellies, and squeeze their organs with a waist-trimmer wrap.

When did looks become a priority over health? How narrow does one’s waist have to be? My grandfather had thin skin, with veins popping out, but now “vascular” is hot.

And who decided that visible ribs was sexy? I told a trainer whose face was looking gaunt, not to lose any more weight, after all, he wasn’t doing a show or a photo shoot. He snapped back with, “Yeah, I don’t want to get TOO good-looking.” To which I replied, “I don’t like skinny. There should be some meat on those bones.”

Photo: competitive bodybuilder Kasey Housmans, carbohydrate and water depleted

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