Does milk do a body good? (Is milk bad for you?)

fullsizerenderThere are many reasons to remove dairy from your diet: you’ll lose weight, improve your health, reduce lead and pesticide intake (228), and strengthen your bones. You read correctly; stopping consumption of dairy will make your bones stronger. The natural-occurring sugar in milk, galactose, has been blamed for an increase in bone fractures, cancer and death (233). Yes, milk is bad for your bones and may even cause cancer. All milk, even low-fat milk, and cheese “…appear to increase prostate and cancer risk” (214).

The dairy industry is a for-profit money-maker, like cigarettes, and tells lies to get you to buy their products. Remember the claim that cigarettes weren’t harmful? Milk contains trans-fat (261), and saturated fat (260), which has been proven to harm our health. Studies with 100,000 men and women, tracked for 20 years, suggested that milk may increase bone fractures (214). “Scientists actually use galactose (milk sugar) to induce premature aging in lab animals” (215).

I eat a 100% dairy-free diet and I have strong bones and can do more push-ups than most women (and men). To stay strong, I lift weights, eat salads for calcium, and enjoy a variety of vegetables, grains, beans, lentils, seeds, nuts and fruits.

You don’t need dairy, actually, dairy is something humans should avoid. Instead of milk, drink almond or oat milk. Use nutritional yeast instead of parmesan cheese. Soy or coconut yogurt taste the same or better than dairy yogurt. There’s even dairy-free dark chocolate (my favorite is Enjoy Live Boom Choco Boom Bar) and vegan ice cream (So Delicious is yummy).

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No one wants cancer, weak bones, or to age and deteriorate faster. Make the change. Aren’t you worth it?

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